The City, The Field, The Barrens and The World

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The City, The Field, The Barrens and The World Empty The City, The Field, The Barrens and The World

Post by Zephyrine on Fri Jun 19, 2015 9:11 pm

The City, The Field, The Barrens and The World The_ci11

Inside the City:
There are six different sectors in The City, each containing the six Guilds. There is the Sea Sector, The Flame Sector, the Storm Sector, the Life Sector, The Light Sector, and the Darkness Sector. Then, in the center of The City is The Market, a mostly friendly place where people can buy, trade and just hang out.

The Field Area:
The Field has seven main parts to it. First, there is the Mines, controlled by the Flame Guild and where rocks and coal are mined. Next, there is the Farm, controlled by the Life Guild and where food is grown. Then, the Crystals, controlled by the Light Guild, and the place where crystals and gems are mined. After that, the Lake is controlled by the Sea Guild, where fish are caught and there is water to drink. Second to last, is the Generator, controlled by the Storm Guild, where energy to power the City is made. Lastly, is the Pits, controlled by the Darkness Guild, where oil is taken for fuel. The final place is the Arena, where battles and challenges are held. The Arena is in north the Storm/Darkness Guild Border.

The Barrens and Beyond: The Barrens is desolate, and unlivable. Nothing can venture out too deep into The Barrens without dying. The air there is toxic and full of chemicals that can kill anything in 5 seconds. However, there are some mutants that evolved to withstand the radiation in the air and ground.

The World:
The main setting of the City and the Field takes place in what was once the middle of Iowa. There are many other Cities in the world, but the reason that they are there is because somehow the toxic levels there weren't as bad, and plants evolved to take in the carbon dioxide and other chemicals. Humans have also evolved to be able to breathe in some carbon dioxide, but they still need oxygen. Most animals have died, but some where caught and put in places where they could survive.

What happened:
Due to humans polluting the air, carbon dioxide levels have risen. There have also been many wars that caused nuclear radiation. Water levels and temperatures around the world have increase, flooding some areas. Many species have died, and some have transformed into mutants and monsters. But humans have gotten a power, and powers that let them do things that they could do before due to evolving.

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