Zephyrine, Leader of the Storm Guild

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Zephyrine, Leader of the Storm Guild Empty Zephyrine, Leader of the Storm Guild

Post by Zephyrine on Sun May 03, 2015 11:03 am

Name: Zephyrine Griffin, Zephyr, Zeph, Zephy.
Age: 18
Gender: Female

  • Using Magic
  • Leading
  • Flying in the sky


  • Doing things slowly
  • Walking
  • Staying in one place


  • Being trapped
  • Losing her powers

Description: Blonde and wavy hair, fair skin, hair is waist length. She sometimes has grey wings, and has a bird tattoo on her arm.
Picture (Optional):
Zephyrine, Leader of the Storm Guild 34ez042
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120 pounds
Personality: Zephyrine is a loyal and caring leader, but stubborn and hard-headed too. She likes to leader the guild with everything she's got, and is not afraid to fight for it.
Items (Jewelry): A necklace with the Storm Guild symbol, a lightning bolt surrounded by wind, and with a silver chain. She has two golden bracelets.

Main Element (One of the six): Storm
Guild: Storm
Other Powers: Transform into birds or a griffin that is a brown with dark grey stripes ,sometimes a gray fox, Meteorokinesis.

Parents: Mother: Emmy Jaxson(dead), Father: Zacharie Griffin.
Siblings: Half sister- Nekoma(Same mother)
Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Husband/Wife (Optional): None, yet.
Children (Optional): None
History: Zeph's ancestors come from France, but they moved to the US. She was raised very well, and had a very wealthy family. Zephyrine's parents got divorced, and her mother, my Jaxson, married her half sister's dad. She and Nekoma, her half sister, were great friends. Her father became the leader of the Storm Guild. She owns a parrot named Mango and a golden retriever named Cody.

Weapons: A Falchion (fal-ki-own, a sword.), and a longbow. Sometimes a poignard(French dagger).
Strengths: Swift, fast, agile.
Weaknesses: Not as strong, moves too fast sometimes.
Fighting Style: Quick strikes

RP Type: 3rd person, depends.
Zephyr looked upon the city, glowing in the night. She called to her dog, Cody. He barked and ran up to her, as she stroked him. "Hello, good friend." She smiled, and he barked. Mango, her pet parrot, squaked on her shoulder."Tonight the city is beautiful,right?"

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