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Post by Nekoma on Sun May 03, 2015 1:35 pm

Name: Nekoma Raythen, it's pronounced Neck-o-ma (AKA Neko, Ray, or Rayth)
Age: 17
Gender: Female

  • Darkness
  • Taking action
  • Leading fairly


  • Bright light
  • Waiting
  • Listening to others


  • Her friends dying
  • Not being able to do anything

Description: Neko has ginger-brown wavy hair. Her eyes are blue with flecks of gold in them, she also has fair skin.
Picture (Optional): (just click on the name to see the picture Smile)
Nekoma, Leader of Darkness Guild 34zbp7a
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 100
Personality: Ray is short tempered, and will lash or, but she'll never lash out at her friends. She id extremely loyal and protective, though not very trusting.
Items (Jewelry): Nekoma always wears a necklace. The necklace charm is made of obsidian, and is the symbol of the Darkness Guild. Though the eye in the middle is made of an emerald. Te necklace is suspended on a black chain.

Main Element (One of the six): Dark
Guild: Darkness Guild (leader)
Other Powers: Nekoma is able to transform into three animals: a wolf, raven, and cat. Most of he time Nekoma is in part raven-part cat-part human mode. Meaning she has cat ears and black wings.

Parents: Emmy Jaxson and Nitheno Raythen
Siblings: Half-sister Zephyrine
Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Husband/Wife (Optional): NA
Children (Optional): NA
History: Rayth has had a troubling history. At age three her mother and father left her, but the Darkness Guild took her in. After 14 years Neko became a respected leader of the Darkness Guild, and has swore never to abandon any of her Guild members. Even at the cost of her life.

Weapons: A long dagger and long bow. Sometimes a broad-sword.
Strengths: Fighting in darkness
Weaknesses: Fighting in bright light, fighting with someone way more experienced then her.
Fighting Style: Nekoma fights up-front. She doesn't dart in and out, just stays up there with her enemy.

RP Type: Both long and short, it depends.
Example: Nekoma darted between the shadows, her best Hunters following. She knelt down on one knee and touched the ground. With a complex series of hand motions, her Hunters fanned out in a circle. Silently they closed in on their prey, a stag. Ray then darted in front of the stag, and stabbed its throat. Killing it.

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