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Lisanna, Leader of Light Guild Empty Lisanna, Leader of Light Guild

Post by Lisanna on Thu Jul 09, 2015 1:11 pm

Name: Lisanna Deamon (Lisa for short)
Age: 14
Gender: Female

  • Light
  • Being friendly
  • Crying by herself


  • Crying in public
  • Being ignored
  • Being called a "little girl"


  • Dying
  • Losing her powers

Description: Lisanna has caramel brown hair. She is short and prefers to keep her hair in pigtails. She has blue-green eyes and a smile is never far from her face when she is with others.
Picture (Optional):
Lisanna Deamon:
Lisanna, Leader of Light Guild 10gbvps
Height: 4"5
Weight: 75
Personality: Rayth has a friendly personality, when she is with other people. By herself she cries, pretty much all the time. Lisanna always listens to others and doesn't fight verbally unless necessary.
Items (Jewelry): Yellow star earrings, red hair ribbon

Main Element (One of the six): Light
Guild: Light Guild
Other Powers: Can turn into a cat and a fox. Lisanna can also hypnotize others if they look directly at her eyes

Parents: Murdered when Lisanna was 13
Siblings: None
Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Husband/Wife (Optional): None right now
Children (Optional): None
History:Lisanna had a happy life and was born into the Light Guild. Then, at age 13, her parents were murdered. Lisanna vowed to get revenge for them and soon became leader of the Light Guild.

Weapons: Death scythe, charm, gun, magic
Strengths: Fighting with a guy, fighting someone who has to use a close range weapon
Weaknesses: Fighting someone with a gun, fighting a girl
Fighting Style: As far away as possible. Rayth uses her gun to snipe, and her scythe is really long

RP Type: Longish

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Lisanna, Leader of Light Guild Empty Re: Lisanna, Leader of Light Guild

Post by Nekoma on Thu Jul 09, 2015 1:15 pm


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